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Historical documents of BPU Banca  Corporate Governance
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 Last updated on 3/14/2007 1:25:58 PM
Corporate Governance

This Section contains documents relating to the BPU Banca Corporate Governance.

List of the Members of the Board of Directors, of the Board of Statutory Auditors, of the Board of Arbitration and indication of Independent Auditors

General Management
Composition and roles of General Management

List of Committees created in accordance with art. 39-bis of the Statutes and of the Self Regulation Code

Corporate Documents
Documents relating to BPU Banca’s Corporate Governance

Model 231/2001
Document concerning “liability of entities for administrative violations resulting from crimes”

Internal Dealing
is regulated by paragraph 7 of Art. 114 of the consolidated finance law and by articles 152 sexies and 152 octies of the Issuers’ Regulations as added to by Consob resolution No.  15232/2005. 
Social report
Social report: view BPU Banca Group's social report.