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 Last updated on 3/16/2007 3:39:53 PM
Charter of Values

The values that guide us

"There are passages in the life of a company that are particularly full of meaning. Moments when you have time to look up from the daily routine and think about what lies behind what you are doing. To think about that set of principles, values and common experiences that guide our individual and collective actions giving them value as well as usefulness.

The market is paying greater attention to the ethical behaviour adopted by companies, and by banks in particular, with the focus on constantly increasing corporate social responsibility.

This applies even more to organisations like BPU which are formed from the merger of companies with different experiences, corporate missions and geographical areas and which must work with common and shared goals while conserving this wealth of variety. In this sense, to declare ‘The values that guide us’ and to continuously seek to implement them constitute a cardinal event in our path to the creation of value.

To draw up a “Charter of Values”, the first in the still young life of our Group, – though it has an illustrious history - means setting clearly down on paper the values on which BPU bases its identity and operational integrity.

Because it is our desire for the professional and human experience of each person who belongs to our professional community to be welcomed both inside and outside with that trust, that attention and that sense of tranquillity that is only granted to those who know how to give a special flavour to their role as an institution".

Emilio Zanetti

Chairman of the BPU Banca Group

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