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 Last updated on 3/9/2007 11:17:44 AM
Corporate Documents

BPU Banca's Regulations for General Meetings

Corporate Statute

The Self Regulation Code and the Report on Corporate Governance of BPU Banca

Self-regulation code of Banche Popolari Unite S.c.p.a., adopted by  the Board of Directors on the 1st July 2003 and partially modified in accordance with the dispositions of the new Corporate Law on 23rd March 2005, according to the recommendations contained in the “Code of conduct for the listed companies” drawn up by the Italian Stock Exchange’s “Committee for the Corporate Governance” in October 1999 and modified in July 2002.

Internal Dealing

is regulated by paragraph 7 of Art. 114 of the consolidated finance law and by articles 152 sexies and 152 octies of the Issuers’ Regulations as added to by Consob resolution No.  15232/2005. 

In application of the above mentioned regulations, BPU Banca has adopted its own Code of Conduct on Internal Dealing.